2014 is the Year of Adjunct Direct Action

Significant independent and main stream news media attention re: the problem of poor working conditions creating poor learning conditions in the American higher education classroom. N1Academy is dedicated to transitioning adjunct grievances into direct action models whereby true affinity can be achieved for both faculty and administration.

We will focus January and February on professional organizations that maintain corporatized management structures in the face of adjunct suffering around the globe. Here’s the list of petitions N1Academy has started to help raise awareness and provoke direct action in the various activist circles seeking to restore adjunct equity:

The Modern Language Association and Rosemary Feal (Executive Director)

(Preview) February 1st — N1 is Free and Open to the Public

Feedback has taught the N1 Originals that going with volunteerism model will work best for courses.

Fees will apply to for-credit evaluation and special events, here on the site or on location.

First N1 “live” seminar meeting (in US) coming soon.


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Our academy brings together the world’s leading minds. We tap into the reserve of collective learning and success we experienced as students, workers, professionals, and teachers to create a dynamic interdisciplinary curriculum designed to serve as a catalyst for personal, professional, and civic transformation. To accomplish this goal, N1 gathers individuals from a wide range of social demographics, personal politics, professional ideologies, discipline focus, and religious/spiritual practices to create the educational conditions for sustained self-examination and problem solving.

To meet our goals, we have also removed the barriers between undergraduate and graduate education to create an open school where peer-to-peer mentoring and broad professional and personal apprenticing can flourish in our Individualized Study degree certificate and degree programs. Through student-led learning, we provide the N1 community with a sustainable, collaborative working atmosphere that creates what Avital Ronell calls “a philosophical jam session.” From within this ethical and intellectual structure, N1 encourages students to develop their creativity and passion for life-long learning and individual efforts to know and do more in the world.

New York City, Vermont, and digital workshops, lectures, low-residency courses, and cooperative-styled local and global community outreach are the traditional and distance education locations used to meet this mission.


As a dissenting academy that creates and mobilizes in response to personal and social change, it is difficult to predict the exact future of our cooperative organization. However, a cluster of forward thinking outcomes can be summarized:

  • N1 will coordinate and collaborate with established and emerging public and private institutions
  • Innovators from across public and private sector industries will partner with N1 to support their own goals
  • Individualized Study programs will grow with rapidly evolving individual and disciplinary needs
  • We will cultivate a reputation for innovation, transformation, and sustainable learning and living
  • Digital/online community will become a fully integrated social-learning network—the electric home school
  • We will serve the broader civic culture as a repository for the best ideas that can sustain us during what the founders have called “a period of non-normal living, what some might call “The Great Upheaval: 2008-2050″
  • N1 will provide financial and institutional support to “game changers” working across the disciplines
  • Small clusters within N1 will “hive” and “swarm” in digital and local communities to create and support advances in politics, medicine, education, public policy, industry, commerce, media, and so forth
  • Philosophy will replace “philosophy of” bureaucratic structures, encouraging *everyone* to become philosophers (e.g., “philosophy of” religion, “philosophy” of science, “philosophy” of medicine)
  • N1 will renew the status of philosophy as an ethical practice which informs all areas of society

N1 Originals also riffed off the scale-free school movement


N1-HIST230: Reich Here, Reich Now: Fascist Historiography (4cr)

N1-PHIL210: Existential Rites (4cr)

N1-PSY320 — Media Psychology **free and open to the public (non-credit)
contact Dr. Baum about “for credit” options and tuition fees

N1-HUM109: History of the Undead (4cr)

N1-ENG220: Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Macbeth, and Lear (4cr)

N1-POL120: Purple Nation: Politics of the Heart and Hearth (4cr)

N1-INTD111: Non-Normal Living in the Great Transition (1970-2050)  *** 24/7/365 seminar (free and open to public)